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About DSKC

What We Offer

At DSKC, we provide a range of services to help build self-confidence and positive relationships among girls. Our programs focus on creative expression, anti-bullying, positive friendships, and modeling experiences to help girls develop their self-esteem and interpersonal skills. Our mission is to empower girls to be confident, strong, and independent.


Here at Doll Squad Kids Club we offer an assortment of activities, such as Model Training, Acting, Artist Development and Media Training. We use each activity to help with low self-esteem, Build Confidence and overcome the fear of large crowds/public engagements.


With our modeling program each member has the opportunity to network with upcoming designers as well as travel for shows.

As an Artist our selected members are trained on how to captivate an audience and put an a professional performance

they also get the opportunity to go into a professional studio to record their single, each single is pushed to all streaming platforms.

Acting development gives them a chance to dive into script reading and work with small businesses and brands on visual campaigns as well as get the chance to become brand ambassadors where selected members can create content for the brand.

Media training helps develop interviewing skills and correspondent/hosting skills, we create kid appropriate podcast and other social activities that we believe are key to the development of each member.

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